Macassar Oil
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Title: Macassar Oil
Additional Names: Kusum oil; Kon oil; Paka oil
Literature References: From the nut kernels of Schleichera trijuga Willd., Sapindaceae (Ceylon oak). Habit. India, Burma, Ceylon, Java. Constit. Glycerides of oleic acid 60%, arachidic 20-25%, palmitic 5-8% stearic 2-6%; free acetic acid 1-2%. Unsaponifiable matter 1.5-3% (this may include cyanide-containing glycosides which are removed by careful refining). Reviews: Sen-Gupta, J. Soc. Chem. Ind. London 39, 88T (1920); Dhingra et al., ibid. 48, 281T (1929).
Properties: Yellowish-white oil. Pleasant odor. Melting range: 21-31° (initial to complete transparency). d9915 0.860. nD21 1.46757, nD27 1.46655; nD31.5 1.4646; nD45 1.4636. Acid value 10-70; saponification value 220-230; iodine value 48-58; Reichert-Meissl value 16. Miscible with ether, chloroform, other vegetable oils, petrolatum, lanolin.
Melting point: Melting range: 21-31° (initial to complete transparency)
Index of refraction: nD21 1.46757; nD27 1.46655; nD31.5 1.4646; nD45 1.4636
Density: d9915 0.860
Use: In hair oil formulations.

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