Lithium Silicate
Structural Formula Vector Image
Title: Lithium Silicate
CAS Registry Number: 10102-24-6
Additional Names: Lithium metasilicate
Molecular Formula: Li2O3Si
Molecular Weight: 89.97
Percent Composition: Li 15.43%, O 53.35%, Si 31.22%
Line Formula: Li2SiO3
Literature References: Prepd by fusing Li2CO3 with SiO2: Schwarz, Sturm, Ber. 47, 1737 (1914).
Properties: Orthorhombic needles. d425 2.52. mp 1201°. Heat of formation (solid): -434.9 kcal/mol. Heat of formation (liq) -374.6 kcal/mol. Latent heat of fusion (1177°) = 7.24 kcal/mol, also reported as -80.2 cal/g. Insol in cold water, dec by boiling water, dilute hydrochloric acid.
Melting point: mp 1201°
Density: d425 2.52
Use: To calibrate thermoelements.

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