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Title: Kava
Additional Names: Kava-kava; ava-ava; kawa
Literature References: Dried rhizome and roots of Piper methysticum Forst., Piperaceae. Habit. Polynesia. Most important constituents are: kawain, dihydrokawain, methysticin, dihydromethysticin, and yangonin: Borsche, Lewinsohn, Ber. 66, 1792 (1933) and references to preceding papers therein. Chemical and pharmacological investigation of the kava constituents: Klohs et al., J. Med. Pharm. Chem. 1, 95 (1959); Meyer, Kretzschmar, Klin. Wochenschr. 44, 902 (1966). Review of chemistry, pharmacology and historical sketch: U.S. Public Health Service Publ. No. 1645, D. H. Efron, Ed., pp 103-181 (1967).
NOTE: Kava is also the popular name for the intoxicating drink prepared from the plant's roots.

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