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Title: Iodoquinol
CAS Registry Number: 83-73-8
CAS Name: 5,7-Diiodo-8-quinolinol
Additional Names: diiodohydroxyquin; diiodo-oxyquinoline; 5,7-diiodo-8-hydroxyquinoline
Manufacturers' Codes: SS-578
Trademarks: Diodoquin (Searle); Disoquin; Floraquin (Searle); Dyodin; Dinoleine; Searlequin; Diodoxylin; Rafamebin; Ioquin (Abbott); Direxiode (Delalande); Stanquinate; Yodoxin (Searle); Zoaquin; Enterosept; Embequin (M & B)
Molecular Formula: C9H5I2NO
Molecular Weight: 396.95
Percent Composition: C 27.23%, H 1.27%, I 63.94%, N 3.53%, O 4.03%
Literature References: Prepd by the action of iodine monochloride on 8-hydroxyquinoline: Papesch, Burtner, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 58, 1314 (1936); by the action of KIO3 on 8-hydroxyquinoline: Zeifman, C.A. 34, 3745. Electrolytic prepn: Brown, Berkowitz, Trans. Electrochem. Soc. 75, 385 (1939). See also Claus, DE 78880; Passek, DE 411050; Matsumura, C.A. 21, 1461 (1927); Pirrone, Cherubino, C.A. 28, 3073 (1934).
Properties: Crystals from xylene. The medicinal grade is a yellowish-brown powder. mp 200-215° (extensive decompn). Almost insol in water. Sparingly sol in alcohol, ether, and acetone; sol in hot pyridine and in hot dioxane.
Melting point: mp 200-215° (extensive decompn)
Therap-Cat: Antiamebic.
Keywords: Antiamebic.

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