Hyodeoxycholic Acid
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Title: Hyodeoxycholic Acid
CAS Registry Number: 83-49-8
CAS Name: (3a,5b,6a)-3,6-Dihydroxycholan-24-oic acid
Additional Names: 3a,6a-dihydroxy-5b-cholanic acid; a-hyodeoxycholic acid; hyodesoxycholic acid
Molecular Formula: C24H40O4
Molecular Weight: 392.57
Percent Composition: C 73.43%, H 10.27%, O 16.30%
Literature References: Isoln from pig bile: Wieland, Gumlich, Z. Physiol. Chem. 215, 18 (1933); Trickey, US 2547726 (1951 to U.S. Rubber); Fogle, US 2745849 (1956 to Armour); Buckley, Ziegler, US 2758120 (1956 to Canada Packers); Liebig, US 3006927 (1961 to Riedel-de Haen). Configuration: Moffett, Hoehn, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 69, 1995 (1947).
Properties: Crystals from ethyl acetate, mp 196-197°. [a]D20 +8° (alc). Moderately sol in ethanol, glacial acetic acid. Less sol in ether, acetone, ethyl acetate, benzene.
Melting point: mp 196-197°
Optical Rotation: [a]D20 +8° (alc)

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