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Title: HCS
CAS Registry Number: 11085-36-2
CAS Name: Lactogen (human placental)
Additional Names: lactogenic hormone (placental human); human chorionic somatomammotropin; chorionic growth hormone-prolactin; CGP; human placental lactogen; HPL
Literature References: Growth hormone from human placenta. Exhibits lactogenic as well as growth-promoting activity: Josimovich, MacLearen, Endocrinology 71, 209 (1962); Kaplan, Grumbach, J. Clin. Endocrinol. Metab. 24, 80 (1964). Structure is a single polypeptide chain containing 190 amino acid residues: Li et al., Science 173, 56 (1971); Sherwood et al., Nature New Biol. 233, 59 (1971). Structural revision to 191 amino acid residues and comparison with human growth hormone and human prolactin: Li et al., Arch. Biochem. Biophys. 155, 95 (1973); Niall et al., Recent Prog. Horm. Res. 29, 387 (1973). Purification: Parcells, Dahlgren, US 3687833 (1972 to Upjohn). Terminology: Li et al., Experientia 24, 1288 (1968). Review: M. Chatterjee, H. N. Munro in Vitamins and Hormones vol. 35, P. L. Munson et al., Eds. (Academic Press, New York, 1977) pp 149-208.

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