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Title: H3®
Trademarks: Gerovital; Gerovital H3; Gerontex H3; GH 3; Sex-Ex
Literature References: A factor claimed to exist in commercial procaine hydrochloride prepns according to the Romanian M.D. Anna Aslan [Institute of Geriatrics, Bucharest]. H3 is Dr. Aslan's name for the factor in procaine HCl which she found to be effective in achieving an apparent reversal of phenomena previously considered irreversible, such as those encountered in cerebral arteriosclerosis. Ref: Publishers' Weekly, Dec. 7, 1959, p 36; Aslan, C.A. 53, 1465b (1959). Historical review of controversy: P. M. McGrady, The Youth Doctors (Coward-McCann, New York, 1968) pp 181-192; A. Hecht, FDA Consumer (March 1980) p 17. Clinical study: M. R. Hall et al., Age Ageing 12, 302 (1983); and a response: P. H. Millard, Br. Med. J. 289, 1094 (1984).
NOTE: Oral version is marketed as KH3 (Schwarzhaupt) . Each KH3 capsule contains: Procaine hydrochloride 0.05 g, hematoporphyrin 0.0002 g, magnesium carbonate 0.03 g.
Status: This monograph has been retired and is no longer subject to revision or update.

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