Silver Iodide
Structural Formula Vector Image
Title: Silver Iodide
CAS Registry Number: 7783-96-2
Molecular Formula: AgI
Molecular Weight: 234.77
Percent Composition: Ag 45.95%, I 54.05%
Literature References: Prepd according to the equation AgNO3 + KI ® AgI + KNO3: Kolkmeijer, van Hengel, Z. Kristallogr. A88, 317 (1934).
Properties: Light yellow, odorless powder; slowly darkened by light. Crystals are hexagonal or cubic. d 5.67; mp 552°. Practically insol in water (0.03 mg/l); in acid (except concd HI in which it dissolves readily on heating); in ammonium carbonate. Freely sol in solns of alkali cyanides or iodides; 35 mg dissolve in a liter of 10% ammonia; appreciably sol in concd solns of alkali bromides, chlorides, thiocyanates, thiosulfates, mercuric and silver nitrates. It is slowly attacked by boiling concd acids, but not affected by hot solns of alkali hydroxides.
Melting point: mp 552°
Density: d 5.67
Use: In cloud precipitation (rain-making).
Therap-Cat: Local anti-infective.
Therap-Cat-Vet: In colloidal suspensions as local antiseptic for mucous membranes.

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