Granulocyte Colony-Stimulating Factor
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Title: Granulocyte Colony-Stimulating Factor
CAS Registry Number: 143011-72-7
Additional Names: CSF-b; G-CSF; GM-DF; MGI-2; pluripoietin
Literature References: Hematopoietic growth factor that stimulates the development of committed progenitor cells to neutrophils and enhances the functional activities of the mature end-cell. Glycoprotein of mol wt 18-22 kDa; produced in response to specific stimulation by a variety of cells including monocytes, fibroblasts and endothelial cells. Murine and human molecules exhibit cross species reactivity. Originally identified as a differentiation factor for murine leukemic cells. Characterization in mouse serum: J. Lotem et al., Int. J. Cancer 25, 763 (1980); A. W. Burgess, D. Metcalf, ibid. 26, 647 (1980). Purification of murine G-CSF: N. A. Nicola et al., J. Biol. Chem. 258, 9017 (1983); of human G-CSF: K. Welte et al., Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 82, 1526 (1985); N. Nicola et al., Nature 314, 625 (1985); H. Nomura et al., EMBO J. 5, 871 (1986). Production of human G-CSF by recombinant DNA technology: L. M. Souza et al., Science 232, 61 (1986); S. Nagata et al., Nature 319, 415 (1986). Review of clinical potential and comparison with GM-CSF: W. P. Steward, Lancet 342, 153-157 (1993). Reviews: G. D. Demetri, J. D. Griffin, Blood 78, 2791-2808 (1991); L. S. Tkatch, D. J. Tweardy, Lymphokine Cytokine Res. 12, 477-488 (1993). Review of role in infectious diseases: D. C. Dale et al., J. Infect. Dis. 172, 1061-1075 (1995).
Derivative Type: Filgrastim
CAS Registry Number: 121181-53-1
CAS Name: N-L-Methionylcolony-stimulating factor (human clone 1034)
Additional Names: recombinant methionyl human G-CSF; r-metHuG-CSF
Manufacturers' Codes: KRN-8601
Trademarks: Neupogen (Amgen)
Literature References: 175 amino acid peptide produced in E. coli by recombinant DNA technology; mol wt 18.8 kDa. Differs from endogenous human G-CSF by the addition of an N-terminal methionine and the absence of glycosylation. Prepn: L. M. Souza, EP 237545 (1987 to Kirin-Amgen); idem, US 5580755 (1996 to Amgen). Clinical trial in severe chronic neutropenia: D. C. Dale et al., Blood 81, 2496 (1993). Book: Filgrastim in Clinical Practice, G. Morstyn, T. M. Dexter, Eds. (Marcel Dekker, New York, 1994) 351 pp.
Derivative Type: Pegfilgrastim
CAS Registry Number: 208265-92-3
CAS Name: 3-Hydroxypropyl-N-methionylcolony-stimulating factor (human) 1-ether with a-methyl-w-hydroxypoly(oxy-1,2-ethanediyl)
Trademarks: Neulasta (Amgen)
Literature References: Pegylated form of filgrastim; modified by the addition of a 20 kDa linear molecule of polyethylene glycol. Pharmacology: G. Molineux et al., Exp. Hematol. 27, 1724 (1999). Series of articles on chemistry, pharmacokinetics and clinical efficacy: Pharmacotherapy 23, 1S-19S (2003). Review of prepn and development: G. Molineux, Curr. Pharm. Des. 10, 1235-1244 (2004); of clinical experience in chemotherapy-induced neutropenia: A.-R. Waladkhani, Eur. J. Cancer Care 13, 371-379 (2004).
Derivative Type: Lenograstim
CAS Registry Number: 135968-09-1
Trademarks: Granocyte (Chugai); Neutrogin (Chugai)
Literature References: Glycoprotein with 174 amino acids and 4% sugar chains produced in Chinese hamster ovary cells by recombinant DNA technology; mol wt ~20 kDa. Closely resembles endogenous human G-CSF. Prepn: M. Ono et al., WO 8604605; eidem, EP 215126 (1986, 1987 both to Chugai). Clinical trial in bone-marrow transplantation: C. Gisselbrecht et al., Lancet 343, 696 (1994). Review of pharmacology and clinical experience: C. J. Dunn, K. L. Goa, Drugs 59, 681-717 (2000).
Derivative Type: Nartograstim
CAS Registry Number: 134088-74-7
CAS Name: 1-(N-L-Methionyl-L-alanine)-3-L-threonine-4-L-tyrosine-5-L-arginine-17-L-serinecolony-stimulating factor (human clone 1034)
Additional Names: marograstim
Manufacturers' Codes: KW-2228
Trademarks: Neu-up (Kyowa)
Literature References: G-CSF mutein of 175 amino acids produced in E. coli by recombinant DNA technology; mol wt 18.9 kDa. Prepn: Y. Yokoo et al., JP 2234692 (1990 to Kyowa), C.A. 114, 183900 (1991). In vitro activity: T. Suzuki et al., Acta Haematol. 87, 181 (1992). ELISA determn in plasma: T. Kuwabara et al., J. Pharmacobio-Dyn. 25, 121 (1992).
Therap-Cat: Hematopoietic; antineutropenic.
Keywords: Antineutropenic; Hematopoietic.

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