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Title: Glyphosate
CAS Registry Number: 1071-83-6
CAS Name: N-(Phosphonomethyl)glycine
Manufacturers' Codes: MON-0573
Molecular Formula: C3H8NO5P
Molecular Weight: 169.07
Percent Composition: C 21.31%, H 4.77%, N 8.28%, O 47.32%, P 18.32%
Literature References: Broad-spectrum post-emergence, translocated herbicide. Prepn: J. E. Franz, DE 2152826; idem, US 3799758 and US 3853530 (1972, 1974, 1974 all to Monsanto). Metabolism and degradation in soil and water: M. L. Rueppel et al., J. Agric. Food Chem. 25, 517 (1977). Toxicity study: E. A. Bababunmi et al., Toxicol. Appl. Pharmacol. 45, 319 (1978).
Properties: White solid, mp 230° (dec). Soly in water at 25°: 12 g/l. Insol in most organic solvents. LD50 in rats, mice (mg/kg): 4873, 1568 orally (Bababunmi).
Melting point: mp 230° (dec)
Toxicity data: LD50 in rats, mice (mg/kg): 4873, 1568 orally (Bababunmi)
Derivative Type: Mono(isopropylamine) salt
CAS Registry Number: 38641-94-0
Manufacturers' Codes: MON-2139
Trademarks: Accord (Dow AgroSci.); Durango (Dow AgroSci.); Glyphomax (Dow AgroSci.); Glypro (Dow AgroSci.); Rodeo (Dow AgroSci.); Roundup (Monsanto)
Molecular Formula: C3H8NO5P.C3H9N
Properties: Very sol in water.
Derivative Type: Trimethylsulfonium salt
CAS Registry Number: 81591-81-3
Additional Names: Sulfosate; glyphosate-trimesium
Manufacturers' Codes: Avans-330; SC-0224; ICIA-0224
Trademarks: Touchdown (Syngenta)
Molecular Formula: C3H7NO5P.C3H9S
Molecular Weight: 245.23
Percent Composition: C 29.39%, H 6.58%, N 5.71%, O 32.62%, P 12.63%, S 13.08%
Literature References: Description of biological and physical properties: B. Trouslard, Phytoma 429, 47 (1991); A. D. Baylis et al., J. Biosci. 8, 173 (1997).
Properties: bp760 110°. d 1.27. Soly in water (20°): 1050 g/l. LD50 in rats, mice (mg/kg): 748, 1383 orally; in rabbits (mg/kg): >2000 dermally. LC50 in rainbow trout (48 hrs): 4800 mg/l (Trouslard).
Boiling point: bp760 110°
Density: d 1.27
Toxicity data: LD50 in rats, mice (mg/kg): 748, 1383 orally; in rabbits (mg/kg): >2000 dermally; LC50 in rainbow trout (48 hrs): 4800 mg/l (Trouslard)
Use: Herbicide.

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