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Title: Gluten
Literature References: Protein substance of wheat which is intermixed with the starchy endosperm of the grain. Causes the carbon dioxide produced during dough fermentation to be retained by the dough in a manner which provides the porous and spongy structure of bread. Prepn from wheat: Rist, Sugar J. 11, no. 9, 26 (1949), C.A. 43, 9505c (1949); Christensen, US 2583684 (1952 to Gateway Chemurgic). Amino acid composition: Pence et al., Cereal Chem. 27, 335 (1950). Reviews: M. J. Blish "Wheat Gluten" in M. L. Anson, J. T. Edsall, Advan. Protein Chem. vol. II (Academic Press, New York, 1945) pp 337-359; Meredith, Cereal Sci. Today 9, 33, 54 (1964).
Properties: Yellowish-gray powder. Practically insol in water. Partly sol in alcohol, dil acids; sol in alkalies.
Use: As adhesive and as substitute for flour.

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