Gardinol Type Detergents
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Title: Gardinol Type Detergents
Literature References: A mixture of the sodium salts of sulfated fatty alcohols made by reducing the mixed fatty acids of coconut oil or of cottonseed oil, and of fish oils. Sometimes natural waxes such as spermaceti, wool fat, and beeswax are sulfated directly. The mixture of the sulfated alcohols which goes by the commercial name "lauryl alcohol" consists of about 15% mixed C8 and C10 (octyl and decyl) alcohols, 40% C12 (lauryl or dodecyl) alcohol, 30% C14 (myristyl or tetradecyl) alcohol, and 15% mixed C16 and C18 (cetyl, stearyl, and oleyl) alcohols. Some of the tradenames designating this type of detergent are: Gardinol; Duponol; Modinal; Aurinol; Maprofix; Tergavon; Sadopan; Cyclopon; Cyclanon; Sapidan; Lissapol; Teepol. See also Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.
CAUTION: May cause local sensitivity reactions.
Use: Detergents, wetting, emulsifying, dispersing agents for cosmetics, as dry cleaning aids, in fungicidal sprays, in metal cleaning, leather processing, in textile manuf.

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