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Title: Flumecinol
CAS Registry Number: 56430-99-0
CAS Name: a-Ethyl-a-phenyl-3-(trifluoromethyl)benzenemethanol
Additional Names: a-ethyl-3-(trifluoromethyl)benzhydrol
Manufacturers' Codes: RGH-3332
Trademarks: Zixoryn (Gedeon Richter); Zyxorin (Gedeon Richter)
Molecular Formula: C16H15F3O
Molecular Weight: 280.28
Percent Composition: C 68.56%, H 5.39%, F 20.34%, O 5.71%
Literature References: Hepatic microsomal enzyme inducer. Prepn: E. Toth et al., DE 2438399; eidem, US 4039589 (1975, 1977 both to Gedeon-Richter). GC determn in biological fluids: I. Klebovich, L. Vereczkey, J. Chromatogr. 221, 403 (1980). Toxicity study: M. Ledniczky et al., Arzneim.-Forsch. 28, 669 (1978). Series of articles on metabolism, CNS effects, enzyme induction, pharmacological properties: ibid. 663-679.
Properties: Oil, bp0.03 106-108°. uv max (ethanol): 259, 265, 271 nm. LD50 orally in adult rats: 2235 mg/kg (Ledniczky).
Boiling point: bp0.03 106-108°
Absorption maximum: uv max (ethanol): 259, 265, 271 nm
Toxicity data: LD50 orally in adult rats: 2235 mg/kg (Ledniczky)
Therap-Cat: Enzyme inducer (hepatic).
Keywords: Enzyme Inducer (Hepatic).

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