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Title: Ferumoxides
CAS Registry Number: 119683-68-0
Manufacturers' Codes: AMI-25
Trademarks: Feridex (Advanced Magnetics); Endorem (Guerbet)
Literature References: Active ingredient of colloidal super paramagnetic iron oxide (SPIO) consisting of nonstoichiometric magnetite cores coated with dextran. Designed for use as hepatic MRI contrast agent. Prepn: E. V. Groman, L. Josephson, WO 8800060; eidem, US 4770183 (both 1988 to Advanced Magnetics). Pharmacokinetics: S. Majumdar et al., Invest. Radiol. 25, 771 (1990). Physical and chemical properties: C. W. Jung, P. Jacobs, Magn. Reson. Imaging 13, 661 (1995). Surface properties: C. W. Jung, ibid. 675. Clinical studies in hepatic imaging: T. J. Vogl et al., Radiology 198, 881 (1996); E. Senéterre et al., ibid. 200, 785 (1996). Series of articles on toxicology: Jpn. Pharmacol. Ther. 22, 57-141 (1994). Review of physicochemical characteristics and clinical applications: O. Clement et al., Top. Magn. Reson. Imaging 9, 167-182 (1998).
Properties: Aqueous suspension, black to reddish-brown liquid. Osmolality: ~340 mOsm/kg. d 1.04.
Density: d 1.04
Therap-Cat: Diagnostic aid (MRI contrast agent).
Keywords: Diagnostic Aid (MRI Contrast Agent).

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