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Title: Ferbam
CAS Registry Number: 14484-64-1
CAS Name: Tris(dimethylcarbamodithioato-S,S¢)iron
Additional Names: tris(dimethyldithiocarbamato)iron; dimethyldithiocarbamic acid iron salt; ferric dimethyldithiocarbamate
Trademarks: Carbamate; Ferbeck; Fermate; Ferradow; Karbam Black
Molecular Formula: C9H18FeN3S6
Molecular Weight: 416.49
Percent Composition: C 25.95%, H 4.36%, Fe 13.41%, N 10.09%, S 46.19%
Line Formula: [(CH3)2NCS2]3Fe
Literature References: Prepd from Na dimethyldithiocarbamate and a soln of a ferric salt: Tisdale, Williams, US 1972961 (1934 to du Pont). Toxicity data: H. C. Hodge et al., J. Am. Pharm. Assoc. 41, 662 (1952).
Properties: Black solid. mp >180° (dec). Solubility in water 120 ppm, pH of soln 5.0; sol in acetone, chloroform, pyridine, acetonitrile. Tends to decompose on prolonged storage or exposure to heat and moisture. LD50 in male mice, rats (mg/kg): 3000, 2700 i.p. (Hodge).
Melting point: mp >180° (dec)
Toxicity data: LD50 in male mice, rats (mg/kg): 3000, 2700 i.p. (Hodge)
CAUTION: Potential symptoms of overexposure are irritation of eyes and respiratory tract; dermatitis; GI disturbance. See NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards (DHHS/NIOSH 97-140, 1997) p 144. See also Clinical Toxicology of Commercial Products, R. E. Gosselin et al., Eds. (Williams & Wilkins, Baltimore, 5th ed., 1984) Section II, p 311.
Use: Fungicide.

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