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Title: Enterogastrone
CAS Registry Number: 9007-67-4
Additional Names: Anthelone E; enteroanthelone
Trademarks: Duosan; Ileogastrone
Literature References: An inhibitor of gastric secretion, apparently different from urogastrone. Obtained from extracts of the intestinal mucosa of mammals: Gray, Ivy, Cold Spring Harbor Symp. Quant. Biol. 5, 405 (1937); Ivy, Greengard, US 2477541 (1949 to Research Corp.). Comparison with urogastrone: Friedman, Vitam. Horm. 9, 313 (1951); Gregory, J. Physiol. 129, 528 (1955).
Properties: Amorphous buff-colored powder. Freely sol in water.
Therap-Cat: Gastric secretion inhibitor.
Keywords: Gastric Secretion Inhibitor.

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