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Title: Diphenane
CAS Registry Number: 101-71-3
CAS Name: 4-(Phenylmethyl)phenol carbamate
Additional Names: carbamic acid a-phenyltolyl ester; p-benzylphenyl carbamate; p-benzylphenylurethan; carbamic acid p-benzylphenyl ester; p-hydroxydiphenylmethane carbamate; a-phenyl-p-cresyl carbamate; diphenan
Trademarks: Butolan (Bayer); Butolen; Carphenol (Bayer); Oxylan (Burroughs Wellcome); Palafuge; Parabencil
Molecular Formula: C14H13NO2
Molecular Weight: 227.26
Percent Composition: C 73.99%, H 5.77%, N 6.16%, O 14.08%
Literature References: Prepd from a-phenyl-p-cresol, COCl2, and NH4OH: Kropp, US 1252452 (1818).
Properties: Crystals from alcohol, mp 147-150°. Practically insol in water. Sparingly sol in 90% ethanol; sol in methanol, abs alcohol, chloroform, ether, benzene.
Melting point: mp 147-150°
Therap-Cat: Anthelmintic (Nematodes).
Keywords: Anthelmintic (Nematodes).
Status: This monograph has been retired and is no longer subject to revision or update.

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