Trigonellamide Chloride
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Title: Trigonellamide Chloride
CAS Registry Number: 1005-24-9
CAS Name: 3-(Aminocarbonyl)-1-methylpyridinium chloride
Additional Names: N1-methylnicotinamide chloride; 1-methylpyridine-3-carboxylic acid amide chloride; nicotinamide chloromethylate; nicotinamide methyl chloride
Molecular Formula: C7H9ClN2O
Molecular Weight: 172.61
Percent Composition: C 48.71%, H 5.26%, Cl 20.54%, N 16.23%, O 9.27%
Literature References: One of the principal excretion products of the metabolism of nicotinic acid in man, dog, and rat. Coenzyme action: Warburg, Christian, Biochem. Z. 287, 291 (1936). Synthesis by refluxing nicotinamide with methyl iodide in methanol, then shaking the nicotinamide methiodide with AgCl: Karrer et al., Helv. Chim. Acta 19, 826 (1936); and isolation from urine: Huff, Perizweig, J. Biol. Chem. 150, 395 (1943). Differentiation from NAD: Carpenter, Kodicek, Biochem. J. 46, 421 (1950). In vitro metabolism: G. S. Johnson, Eur. J. Biochem. 112, 635 (1980); H. Hoshino et al., Biochim. Biophys. Acta 801, 250 (1984). HPLC determn in urine: M. A. Kutnink et al., J. Liq. Chromatogr. 7, 969 (1984).
Properties: Crystals from methanol. Dec 240°. Moderately sol in water. More sol in alcohol, butanol, isobutanol. Insol in amyl alcohol, octyl alcohol, benzene, chlorobenzene, chloroform. Destroyed upon boiling the aq soln, more rapidly in the presence of alkali. At room temp it is destroyed in alkaline soln. Reacts with ketones in aq alkaline soln to produce a greenish-blue fluorescence; on acidification the fluorescence changes to blue, and is intensified by heating.

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