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Title: Dinoseb
CAS Registry Number: 88-85-7
CAS Name: 2-(1-Methylpropyl)-4,6-dinitrophenol
Additional Names: 2-sec-butyl-4,6-dinitrophenol; DNBP
Manufacturers' Codes: ENT-1122; WSX-8365
Trademarks: Chemox PE (Blue Spruce); Dow General (Dow); Premerge (Dow); Subitex (Hoechst); Caldon (Hoechst); Basanite (BASF)
Molecular Formula: C10H12N2O5
Molecular Weight: 240.21
Percent Composition: C 50.00%, H 5.04%, N 11.66%, O 33.30%
Literature References: Prepn: L. E. Mills, B. L. Fayerweather, US 2192197 (1940 to Dow). Activity: A. S. Crafts, Science 101, 417 (1945). Metabolism: S. K. Bandal, J. E. Casida, J. Agric. Food Chem. 20, 1235 (1972); K. Ingebrigtsen, A. Froeslie, Acta Pharmacol. Toxicol. 46, 326 (1980). Toxicology: R. G. Bough et al., Toxicol. Appl. Pharmacol. 7, 353 (1965); T. B. Gaines, R. E. Linder, Fundam. Appl. Toxicol. 7, 299 (1986).
Properties: Orange-brown viscous liquid, mp 38-42°. pKa 4.62. Sol in most organic solvents. LD50 in adult male, female rats (mg/kg): 27, 28 orally (Gaines, Linder).
Melting point: mp 38-42°
pKa: pKa 4.62
Toxicity data: LD50 in adult male, female rats (mg/kg): 27, 28 orally (Gaines, Linder)
Derivative Type: Acetate
CAS Registry Number: 2813-95-8
Manufacturers' Codes: HOE-2904
Trademarks: Aretit (Hoechst); Ivosit (Hoechst)
Molecular Formula: C12H14N2O6
Molecular Weight: 282.25
Percent Composition: C 51.06%, H 5.00%, N 9.93%, O 34.01%
Properties: Brown oil, vinegar-like odor, mp 26-27°. Vapor press at 20°: 6 ´ 10-4 mm Hg. Sol in aromatics.
Melting point: mp 26-27°
Derivative Type: Ammonium salt
CAS Registry Number: 6365-83-9
Trademarks: Chemox Selective (Blue Spruce); Dow Selective (Dow); Sinox W (FMC)
Molecular Formula: C10H15N3O5
Molecular Weight: 257.24
Percent Composition: C 46.69%, H 5.88%, N 16.33%, O 31.10%
Derivative Type: Triethanolamine salt
CAS Registry Number: 6420-47-9
Manufacturers' Codes: DN-289
Trademarks: Chemox DN (Blue Spruce); Gebutox (Hoechst)
Molecular Formula: C16H27N3O8
Molecular Weight: 389.40
Percent Composition: C 49.35%, H 6.99%, N 10.79%, O 32.87%
Use: Herbicide; insecticide; miticide.

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