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Title: Diethylmagnesium
CAS Registry Number: 557-18-6
Additional Names: Magnesium diethyl
Molecular Formula: C4H10Mg
Molecular Weight: 82.43
Percent Composition: C 58.28%, H 12.23%, Mg 29.49%
Line Formula: Mg(C2H5)2
Literature References: Prepd by the action of magnesium metal on mercury diethyl in ether: Schlenk, Jr., Ber. 64, 734, 736 (1931).
Properties: Solvated crystals from ether, MgEt2.Et2O, plates, rods. mp 0°. Liquid at room temp. Spontaneously flammable in air. Violent explosion on contact with water. Loses its ether of crystn on heating in vacuo. Not volatile in high vac up to 250° when decompn sets in. Sol in ether. Dec by alc and ammonia. Will glow and catch fire even in CO2. Must be handled in high vac, or under dry nitrogen or hydrogen.
Melting point: mp 0°

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