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Title: Dicyanine
CAS Registry Number: 52260-69-2
CAS Name: 1-Ethyl-2-[3-(1-ethyl-2-methyl-4(1H)-quinolinylidene)-1-propenyl]-4-methylquinolinium iodide
Additional Names: 1-ethyl-2-[3-(1-ethyl-4(1H)-quinaldylidene)propenyl]lepidinium iodide; 1-ethyl-2-[3-(1-ethyl-2-methyl-4(1H)-quinolylidene)propenyl]-4-methylquinolinium iodide; 2¢,4-dimethyl-1,1¢-diethyl-2,4¢-carbocyanine iodide
Molecular Formula: C27H29IN2
Molecular Weight: 508.44
Percent Composition: C 63.78%, H 5.75%, I 24.96%, N 5.51%
Literature References: Prepn by J. A. Aeschlimann as reported by Mills, Odams, J. Chem. Soc. 125, 1913 (1924). See also Beilstein 2nd suppl. vol. 23, p 284. Has photoconductive properties that increase sharply with a rise in temp and is classed as an O2-photoconductor: Meier, Z. Phys. Chem. (Leipzig) 208, 325 (1958). Gives a color reaction with magnesium ions: Babenko, Zh. Anal. Khim. 13, 496 (1958).
Properties: Olive-green crystals with metallic sheen from methanol. Crystals are usually solvated. Drying at 110° expels methanol of crystn. Decomp 244-252°. Absorption max (methanol): 603.5, 655.5 nm (A1%1cm 63, 218). Soly in methanol: about 2%. Methanol solns appear deep blue when viewed under incident daylight. Soly in water about 0.2%. Aq solns are dichroic and may appear brownish green. Also sol in abs ethanol (0.5%), in ethylene glycol (1.5%), and in Cellosolve (2.0%). Practically insol in benzene, xylene.
Absorption maximum: Absorption max (methanol): 603.5, 655.5 nm (A1%1cm 63, 218)
Use: In color photography (sensitizer for extreme reds). Diagnostic stain for cytodiagnosis of ruptured fetal membranes.

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