Corn Steep Liquor
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Title: Corn Steep Liquor
Additional Names: Corn steep water
Literature References: Cleaned corn grain is washed thoroughly and then steeped for 36 to 40 hours in approx twice its volume of water contg 0.2% SO2 at a temp of 46-50°C. As the steep water is drawn from the corn it contains between 6 and 9 lbs of solids per 100 lbs of water. The corn should be soft to the touch, but must not be slimy or smeary which occurs when steeped either too hot or too long. The steep liquor is then evaporated under 25 mm Hg pressure in a "Swenson" evaporator to what is called heavy steep liquor with a gravity of 16 to 20° Bé and contg 50-60% of solids. In this form it is sold to manufacturers of antibiotics who may have their own specifications as to age, gravity and SO2 content. See Bowden, Peterson, Arch. Biochem. 9, 387-399 (April 1946); Graefe, Staerke 4, 275-282 (1952).
Use: In production of penicillin, meso-inositol; source of phytin.

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