Corn Oil
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Title: Corn Oil
Trademarks: Maize oil; Maydol; Mazola (CPC)
Literature References: Obtained as a byproduct by wet milling the grain of Zea mays L., Gramineae for the manuf of corn starch, corn syrup, glucose, dextrins, etc.: E. W. Eckey, Vegetable Fats and Oils (Reinhold, New York, 1954). Constit. Glycerides of the following fatty acids: Myristic 0.1-1.7%, palmitic 8-12%, stearic 2.5-4.5%, hexadecenoic 0.2-1.6%, oleic 19-49%, linoleic 34-62%. Unsaponifiable fraction: 1-3% (g-tocopherol 0.1%, the rest is mostly isomeric sitosterols and wax such as myricyl and ceryl alcohols). The crude oil may contain up to 2% phospholipids (vegetable lecithin, inositol esters). The following constants are for the refined product.
Properties: Yellow oil. Faint characteristic odor and taste. d2525 0.916-0.921. mp -18 to -10°. Titer 14-20°. Flash pt 610°F (321°C). Ignition pt 740°F (393°C). nD25 1.470-1.474; nD40 1.464-1.468. Acid value 2-6. Saponification value 187-196. Iodine value 109-133. Thiocyanogen value 71-77. Hydroxyl value 8-12. Reichert-Meissl value <0.5. Polenske value <0.5. Hehner value 92-96. Classed as a semidrying oil. On prolonged exposure to air it thickens and becomes rancid. Miscible with chloroform, ether, benzene, petr ether. Slightly sol in alc.
Melting point: mp -18 to -10°
Flash point: Flash pt 610°F (321°C)
Index of refraction: nD25 1.470-1.474; nD40 1.464-1.468
Density: d2525 0.916-0.921
Use: As salad and cooking oil; in prepn of margarine. As pharmaceutic aid (solvent). Some use in the preparation of non-yellowing enamel paint.

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