Cobaltic Fluoride
Structural Formula Vector Image
Title: Cobaltic Fluoride
CAS Registry Number: 10026-18-3
Additional Names: Cobalt trifluoride
Molecular Formula: CoF3
Molecular Weight: 115.93
Percent Composition: Co 50.84%, F 49.16%
Literature References: Prepn from F2, and CoF2, CoCl2, or Co2O3: Priest, Inorg. Synth. 3, 175 (1950); Kwasnik in Handbook of Preparative Inorganic Chemistry vol. 1, G. Brauer, Ed. (Academic Press, New York, 2nd ed., 1963) p 268; from ClF3 and CoCl2: Rochow, Kukin, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 74, 1615 (1952).
Properties: Minute, light brown, hexagonal crystals, d 3.88. Discolors rapidly on exposure to moist air. Reacts with water giving off O2. Comparatively stable to heat, at 600° the fluorine pressure over the solid is less than 0.1 atm. Volatilizes in an F2 stream at 600-700°. May be stored in hermetically sealed glass, quartz, or metal containers.
Density: d 3.88
Use: Important fluorinating agent, particularly for complete fluorination of hydrocarbons by the Fowler process.

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