Chromous Sulfate
Structural Formula Vector Image
Title: Chromous Sulfate
CAS Registry Number: 13825-86-0
Molecular Formula: CrO4S
Molecular Weight: 148.06
Percent Composition: Cr 35.12%, O 43.22%, S 21.66%
Line Formula: CrSO4
Literature References: Prepn of pentahydrate: Lux, Illman, Ber. 91, 2143 (1958); Holah, Fackler, Inorg. Synth. 10, 26 (1967). The common hydrated form, long considered to be the heptahydrate, has been reported to be the pentahydrate: Lux, Illman, loc. cit.; Lux et al., Ber. 97, 503 (1964). Prepn of standard soln for use as an analytical reagent: Lingane, Pecsok, Anal. Chem. 20, 425 (1948).
Derivative Type: Pentahydrate
Properties: Blue crystals. Stable in air if dry. Sol in water; slightly sol in alcohol; practically insol in acetone. Soluble in dil, dec by concd H2SO4. Solns are rapidly oxidized by atmospheric oxygen.
Use: Analytical reagent; absorption of O2 from gas mixtures; dehydrohalogenating and reducing agent.

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