Ketipic Acid
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Title: Ketipic Acid
CAS Registry Number: 533-76-6
CAS Name: 3,4-Dioxohexanedioic acid
Additional Names: 2,3-diketoadipic acid; oxalodiacetic acid
Molecular Formula: C6H6O6
Molecular Weight: 174.11
Percent Composition: C 41.39%, H 3.47%, O 55.14%
Literature References: Prepn: Fittig et al., Ann. 249, 182 (1888); Stachel, Arch. Pharm. 295, 735 (1932); 296, 479 (1963). Structure studies; occurs in the solid form as the g-lactol: Stachel, Ann. 689, 118 (1965).
Properties: Dec at 150° forming diacetyl. Sparingly sol in ether. Sol in glacial acetic acid, concd hydrochloric acid. Practically insol in water, alc, chloroform, CS2, benzene, petr ether.
Derivative Type: Diethyl ester
Molecular Formula: C10H14O6
Molecular Weight: 230.21
Percent Composition: C 52.17%, H 6.13%, O 41.70%
Properties: Prisms from alcohol, mp 83°. bp30 230°. Soluble in ether, chloroform.
Melting point: mp 83°
Boiling point: bp30 230°

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