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Title: Chlorbetamide
CAS Registry Number: 97-27-8
CAS Name: 2,2-Dichloro-N-[(2,4-dichlorophenyl)methyl]-N-(2-hydroxyethyl)acetamide
Additional Names: 2,2-dichloro-N-(2,4-dichlorobenzyl)-N-(2-hydroxyethyl)acetamide; N-(2,4-dichlorobenzyl)-N-(2-hydroxyethyl)dichloroacetamide
Manufacturers' Codes: Win-5047
Trademarks: Mantomide (Winthrop); Pontalin
Molecular Formula: C11H11Cl4NO2
Molecular Weight: 331.02
Percent Composition: C 39.91%, H 3.35%, Cl 42.84%, N 4.23%, O 9.67%
Literature References: Prepn: Surrey, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 76, 2214 (1954); US 2732402 (1956 to Sterling Drug).
Properties: Crystals from benzene + Skellysolve A, mp 112.4-113.4°. Slightly bitter taste. Very slightly sol in water; sol in 95% ethanol to at least 5%.
Melting point: mp 112.4-113.4°
Therap-Cat: Antiamebic.
Keywords: Antiamebic.
Status: This monograph has been retired and is no longer subject to revision or update.

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