Cetrimonium Bromide
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Title: Cetrimonium Bromide
CAS Registry Number: 57-09-0
CAS Name: N,N,N-Trimethyl-1-hexadecanaminium bromide
Additional Names: hexadecyltrimethylammonium bromide; cetyltrimethylammonium bromide
Trademarks: Bromat; Cetab; Cetavlon (Ayerst); Cetylamine; C.T.A.B.; Lissolamine V; Micol; Quamonium
Molecular Formula: C19H42BrN
Molecular Weight: 364.45
Percent Composition: C 62.62%, H 11.62%, Br 21.92%, N 3.84%
Line Formula: [CH3(CH2)15N(CH3)3]Br
Literature References: Prepd from cetyl bromide and trimethylamine: Shelton et al., J. Am. Chem. Soc. 68, 753 (1946). Toxicity and pharmacology: B. Isomaa, K. Bjondahl, Acta Pharmacol. Toxicol. 47, 17 (1980). RP-HPLC determn in commercial formulations: A. Malenovic et al., Farmaco 60, 157 (2005).
Properties: Crystals, mp 237-243°. Soluble in about 10 parts water. Freely sol in alc; sparingly sol in acetone. Practically insol in ether, benzene. Stable in acid soln. LD50 in mice, rats (mg/kg): 32.0, 44.0 i.v. (Isomaa, Bjondahl).
Melting point: mp 237-243°
Toxicity data: LD50 in mice, rats (mg/kg): 32.0, 44.0 i.v. (Isomaa, Bjondahl)
Derivative Type: p-Toluenesulfonate analog
CAS Registry Number: 138-32-9
Additional Names: Cetrimonium tosylate
Trademarks: Cetats (Zeeland)
Molecular Formula: C26H49NO3S
Molecular Weight: 455.74
Percent Composition: C 68.52%, H 10.84%, N 3.07%, O 10.53%, S 7.04%
NOTE: Cetrimide is a mixture consisting chiefly of tetradecyltrimethylammonium bromide together with smaller amounts of dodecyltrimethylammonium bromide and cetrimonium bromide.
Use: As cationic detergent and antiseptic; as laboratory reagent.
Therap-Cat: Antiseptic, disinfectant.
Therap-Cat-Vet: Antiseptic, cleansing agent.
Keywords: Antiseptic/Disinfectant; Quaternary Ammonium Compounds.

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