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Title: Caprenin
CAS Registry Number: 138184-95-9
Literature References: Reduced calorie fat with functional properties similar to cocoa butter. Synthetic triglyceride composed primarily of caprylic and capric acids (derived from coconut and palm-kernel oils) and behenic acid (derived from rapeseed oil). Prepn: A. M. Erhman et al., US 4888196 and US 5066510 (1989, 1991, both to Procter & Gamble). Digestion and absorption in rats: D. R. Webb, R. A. Sanders, J. Am. Coll. Toxicol. 10, 325 (1991). Toxicology and metabolism in animals: D. R. Webb et al., ibid. 341. Absorption and caloric value in humans: J. C. Peters et al., ibid. 357. Brief description: C. O'Donnell, D. Best, Prepared Foods 162, 41-42 (February, 1993).
Properties: Caloric value in humans: 3-5 kcal/g.
Use: Reduced calorie fat substitute in soft candies and confectionary coatings.

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