Calcium Bisulfite, Solution
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Title: Calcium Bisulfite, Solution
CAS Registry Number: 13780-03-5
Literature References: Ca(HSO3)2 is known only in soln. Prepn from sulfite liquor: Arend, Chem. Prod. 10, 53 (1947); Lougheed, Pulp Paper Mag. Can. 49(3), 215 (1948); Schoeffel, US 2696424 (1954 to Sterling Drug). The product here described is substantially a soln of calcium sulfite in an aq sulfur dioxide soln.
Properties: Colorless or slightly yellow liquid; strong SO2 odor. On standing in the air, crystals of CaSO3.2H2O form. d about 1.06. This soln corrodes metals.
Density: d about 1.06
Use: As germicide, preservative, and disinfectant; for washing (1:1000) casks in brewing to prevent souring and cloudiness of beer and to prevent secondary fermentation; as antichlor in bleaching fabrics; largely in manuf sulfite cellulose from wood for paper-making.

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