Benzenesulfonic Acid
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Title: Benzenesulfonic Acid
CAS Registry Number: 98-11-3
Molecular Formula: C6H6O3S
Molecular Weight: 158.18
Percent Composition: C 45.56%, H 3.82%, O 30.34%, S 20.27%
Line Formula: C6H5SO3H
Literature References: Made by treating benzene with fuming H2SO4: Gattermann-Wieland, Praxis des Organischen Chemikers (de Gruyter, Berlin, 40th ed., 1961) p 168.
Derivative Type: Sesquihydrate
Properties: Deliquescent plates, tablets, mp 43-44°. When anhydrous mp 50-51°, also reported as mp 65-66°. pKa (25°): 0.699. Freely sol in water, alc; slightly sol in benzene; insol in ether, carbon disulfide. Keep well closed.
Melting point: mp 43-44°. When anhydrous mp 50-51°; mp 65-66°
pKa: pKa (25°): 0.699
Derivative Type: Ethyl ester
Additional Names: Ethyl benzenesulfonate
Molecular Formula: C8H10O3S
Molecular Weight: 186.23
Percent Composition: C 51.60%, H 5.41%, O 25.77%, S 17.22%
Properties: Colorless to slightly yellow, almost odorless liq. bp15 156°. d417 1.219. Slightly sol in water; misc with alc, benzene, chloroform, ether.
Boiling point: bp15 156°
Density: d417 1.219
Derivative Type: Sodium salt
Additional Names: Sodium benzenesulfonate; sodium benzosulfonate
Molecular Formula: C6H5NaO3S
Molecular Weight: 180.16
Percent Composition: C 40.00%, H 2.80%, Na 12.76%, O 26.64%, S 17.80%
Properties: Crystals. Sol in water.
CAUTION: Highly irritant to skin, eyes, mucous membranes.
Use: Manuf phenol by fusion with NaOH.

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