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Title: Atmosphere
Literature References: Composition of Earth's atmosphere at surface for midlatitudes (in ppm): N2 780,840, O2 209,460, Ar 9340, CO2 325, Ne 18.18, He 5.24, CH4 1.4, Kr 1.14, H2 0.5, N2O 0.25, Xe 0.087, O3 0.025, H2O variable. Monograph on chemistry of atmosphere: J. Heicklen, Atmospheric Chemistry (Academic Press, New York, 1976) 406 pp. Other planets of our solar system have different atmospheres. The atmosphere of Jupiter consists largely of ammonia and methane, and those of Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are practically all methane. Exact data in Landolt-Börnstein vol. III (Springer, 6th ed., 1952) p 59; G. P. Kuiper, The Atmospheres of the Earth and the Planets (University of Chicago Press, 1949).
Status: This monograph has been retired and is no longer subject to revision or update.

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