Ammonium Formate
Structural Formula Vector Image
Title: Ammonium Formate
CAS Registry Number: 540-69-2
CAS Name: Formic acid ammonium salt
Molecular Formula: CH5NO2
Molecular Weight: 63.06
Percent Composition: C 19.05%, H 7.99%, N 22.21%, O 50.74%
Line Formula: HCOONH4
Literature References: Prepd from formic acid and NH3: Zuffanti, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 63, 3123 (1941); from methylformate and NH3: Kelly, Cuthbert, US 3122584 (1964 to Allied Chem.).
Properties: Deliquesc crystals or granules. d 1.27. mp 116°. Sol in less than its own wt of water; sol in alc. Keep tightly closed.
Melting point: mp 116°
Density: d 1.27
Use: In chemical analysis, especially to ppt base metals from salts of the "noble" metals.

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