Ammonium Binoxalate
Structural Formula Vector Image
Title: Ammonium Binoxalate
CAS Registry Number: 5972-72-5
Additional Names: Ammonium acid oxalate; ammonium hydrogen oxalate
Molecular Formula: C2H5NO4
Molecular Weight: 107.07
Percent Composition: C 22.44%, H 4.71%, N 13.08%, O 59.77%
Line Formula: NH4OOCCOOH
Literature References: Prepn of monohydrate: Dehn, Heuse, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 29, 1137 (1907). Review: Gmelins, Ammonium (8th ed.) 23, pp 405-406 (1936).
Derivative Type: Monohydrate
Properties: Rhombic crystals. Poisonous. d 1.56. Sol in 25 parts water; slightly sol in alcohol.
Density: d 1.56
Use: To remove ink stains.

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