2-Naphthoxyacetic Acid
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Title: 2-Naphthoxyacetic Acid
CAS Registry Number: 120-23-0
CAS Name: 2-Naphthalenyloxyacetic acid
Additional Names: b-naphthoxyacetic acid; O-(2-naphthyl)glycolic acid
Molecular Formula: C12H10O3
Molecular Weight: 202.21
Percent Composition: C 71.28%, H 4.98%, O 23.74%
Literature References: Prepd by treating b-naphthol with chloroacetic acid in an alkaline medium: Spitzer, Ber. 34, 3192 (1901); Shirley, Organic Intermediates (New York, 1951) p 209.
Properties: Prisms from hot water or benzene, mp 156°. Moderately sol in hot water. Soluble in alcohol, ether, acetic acid.
Melting point: mp 156°
Derivative Type: Ethyl ester
Molecular Formula: C14H14O3
Molecular Weight: 230.26
Percent Composition: C 73.03%, H 6.13%, O 20.85%
Properties: Leaflets from alcohol, mp 49°. Sol in alcohol, ether.
Melting point: mp 49°
Use: As plant hormone, to promote growth of roots on clippings, to prevent fruit from falling prematurely; causes stunted growth when used in excess.

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