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Title: 1,3-Dichloroacetone
CAS Registry Number: 534-07-6
CAS Name: 1,3-Dichloro-2-propanone
Additional Names: a,g-dichloroacetone; sym-dichloroacetone; bis(chloromethyl) ketone
Molecular Formula: C3H4Cl2O
Molecular Weight: 126.97
Percent Composition: C 28.38%, H 3.18%, Cl 55.84%, O 12.60%
Line Formula: CH2ClCOCH2Cl
Literature References: Prepd by the oxidation of dichlorohydrin with sodium dichromate: Conant, Quayle, Org. Synth. 2, 13 (1922).
Properties: Plates, needles on distillation. mp 45°. bp 173°. d446 1.3826. nD46 1.47144. Sol in water, very sol in alc, ether.
Melting point: mp 45°
Boiling point: bp 173°
Index of refraction: nD46 1.47144
Density: d446 1.3826
CAUTION: Lacrimator, vesicant.

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