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PF LGS# Brand Type of Test Additional Information
32(5) L3 Chrompack CP MicroSpher Si Assay and Chromatographic purity 4.6 mm x 25 cm, 5 or 10 µm. Alternative column Econosphere Silica (Grace), same dimensions.
11(3) L3 Chrompack CP MicroSpher Si Chromatographic purity Two 10-cm x 3-mm analytical columns in series
11(3) L3 Guard-PAK Chromatographic purity 5-mm x 6-mm guard column.
10(3) L2 Permaphase ETH Limit of . . . . . . . . . Limit of deschlorohydroxyzine and ethoxyhydroxyzine hydrochlorides; 60-cm.
16(3) G27 None Cited Organic volatile impurities See Method I 467