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Title: p-Benzylphenol
CAS Registry Number: 101-53-1
CAS Name: 4-(Phenylmethyl)phenol
Additional Names: a-phenyl-p-cresol; (4-hydroxydiphenyl)methane
Molecular Formula: C13H12O
Molecular Weight: 184.23
Percent Composition: C 84.75%, H 6.57%, O 8.68%
Literature References: Prepd from phenol and benzyl chloride in the presence of zinc chloride: Ziegenbein et al., Ber. 88, 1906 (1955).
Properties: Crystals, mp 84°. bp 322°; bp4 154-157°. Slightly sol in cold water; moderately sol in hot water; sol in organic solvents, glacial acetic acid, alkali hydroxide solns.
Melting point: mp 84°
Boiling point: bp 322°; bp4 154-157°
Use: Germicide, antiseptic, preservative; also in organic syntheses.

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