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Title: o-Phthalaldehyde
CAS Registry Number: 643-79-8
CAS Name: 1,2-Benzenedicarboxaldehyde
Additional Names: o-phthaldialdehyde
Trademarks: Cidex OPA (J & J)
Molecular Formula: C8H6O2
Molecular Weight: 134.13
Percent Composition: C 71.64%, H 4.51%, O 23.86%
Literature References: Alternative to glutaraldehyde, q.v. for high-level disinfenction. Prepn: A. Colson, H. Gautier, Bull. Soc. Chim. 45, 509 (1886); J. Thiele, O. Günther, Ann. 347, 106 (1906); T. C. Chaudhuri, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 64, 315 (1942). Polarographic determn: N. H. Furman, D. R. Norton, Anal. Chem. 26, 1111 (1954). Use in fluorogenic determn of peptides: M. Roth, ibid. 43, 880 (1971); T. M. Joys, H. Kim, Anal. Biochem. 94, 371 (1979); of biological thiols: K. Mopper, D. Delmas, Anal. Chem. 56, 2557 (1984). Biocidal properties: S. E. Walsh et al., J. Appl. Microbiol. 86, 1039 (1999). Mechanism of antibacterial action: idem et al., ibid. 87, 702 (1999). Bactericidal efficacy study: J. C. N. Shackelford et al., J. Antimicrob. Chemother. 57, 335 (2006). Hospital disinfection of endoscopes: S. M. Hession, Gastroenterol. Nurs. 26, 110 (2003). Review of reactivity with nucleophiles: P. Zuman, Chem. Rev. 104, 3217-3238 (2004).
Properties: Long, pale yellow needles from petroleum ether mp 56-56.5° (Thiele, Günther). Also reported as colorless powder, mp 54° (Chaudhuri).
Melting point: mp 56-56.5° (Thiele, Günther); mp 54°
Use: Disinfectant. Reagent in fluorometric determn of primary amines and thiols.

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