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Title: Zein
Literature References: A prolamine; an alcohol-soluble protein present in amounts of 2.5-10% (dry basis) in corn (Zea mays L., Gramineae). The greater part of zein has a mol wt of 38,000. Does not contain lysine or tryptophan. Extracted commercially from gluten meal with dil isopropanol: Swallen, Ind. Eng. Chem. 33, 394 (1941). Improved method: Carter, Reck, DE 2002337 (1971 to Nutrilite Prod.), C.A. 75, 117341b (1971). Review: Mossé, Ann. Physiol. Végétale 3, 105 (1961).
Properties: White to slightly yellow powder. d 1.226. When completely dry may be heated to 200° without visible signs of decompn. Soluble in aq alcohols, the glycols, the ethyl ether of ethylene glycol, furfuryl alcohol, tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol, aq alkaline solns of pH 11.5 (or greater). Tends to become denatured when in soln and becomes insol. Insol in water, acetone; but readily sol in acetone-water mixtures between the limits of 60-80% acetone by volume. Insol in anhydr alcohols except methanol.
Density: d 1.226
Use: Manuf plastics, paper coatings, adhesives, substitutes for shellac, laminated board, in solid color printing, films, edible coatings for foodstuffs.

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