Wheat Germ Oil
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Title: Wheat Germ Oil
Trademarks: Cav-Ecol; Myopone; Denamone
Literature References: Obtained by hydraulic expression or solvent extraction of wheat germ which constitutes ~2% of a wheat grain, the seed of Triticum aestivum L. (T. sativum Lam., T. vulgare Vill.), Gramineae. Constit. (of the oil): Linoleic acid 44.1%, oleic acid 30.0%, satd acids 15.1%, linolenic acid 10.8%, unsaponifiable matter 4.7%. The unsaponifiable matter contains vitamin E-active tocopherols (reported as 0.5% of the oil and as 2 international vitamin E units per gram of the oil), sitosterols, dihydrositosterol and other cryst alcohols and phospholipids. Review: E. W. Eckey, Vegetable Fats and Oils (Reinhold, New York, 1954) pp 291-293.
Properties: Bland yellow oil resembling corn oil. d2525 0.925-0.933. nD40 1.469-1.478. Acid value 6-20. Saponif value 179-190. Iodine value 115-129. Thiocyanogen value 80-85. Hydroxyl value 10-48. Reichert-Meissl value 0.3-1.4. Polenske value 0.4-2.1. Hehner value 76-95. Miscible with chloroform, ether, benzene, petr ether. Slightly sol in alc.
Index of refraction: nD40 1.469-1.478
Density: d2525 0.925-0.933
Use: Nutritional supplement. Source of natural vitamin E and unsatd fatty acids (vitamin F).
Therap-Cat-Vet: Dietary source of vitamin E.

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