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Title: Trisilane
CAS Registry Number: 7783-26-8
Additional Names: Trisilicopropane; trisilicon octahydride; silicopropane; trisilicane
Molecular Formula: H8Si3
Molecular Weight: 92.32
Percent Composition: H 8.73%, Si 91.27%
Line Formula: Si3H8
Literature References: Obtained by separation of mixed silanes prepared from magnesium silicide and hydrochloric acid: Stock, Somiesky, Ber. 49, 111 (1916); 54B, 524 (1921); 56B, 247 (1923); Culbertson, US 2551571 (1951 to Union Carbide); prepared by conversion of silane to higher silanes in an ozonizer type of electric discharge: Spanier, MacDiarmid, Inorg. Chem. 1, 432 (1962).
Properties: Liquid. mp -117.4°; bp 52.9°; d0 0.743; vapor pressure 95.5 mm Hg at 0°. Much less stable than silane or disilane. Detonates in air. Dec in water. Reacts vigorously with CCl4 and CHCl3.
Melting point: mp -117.4°
Boiling point: bp 52.9°
Density: d0 0.743

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