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Title: Taltirelin
CAS Registry Number: 103300-74-9
CAS Name: N-[[(4S)-Hexahydro-1-methyl-2,6-dioxo-4-primidinyl]carbonyl]-L-histidyl-L-prolinamide
Additional Names: (S)-N-(1-methyl-4,5-dihydroorotyl)-L-histidyl-L-prolinamide
Molecular Formula: C17H23N7O5
Molecular Weight: 405.41
Percent Composition: C 50.36%, H 5.72%, N 24.18%, O 19.73%
Literature References: Analog of thyrotropin releasing hormone TRH, q.v., with pronounced CNS activity. Prepn: H. Sugano et al., EP 168042; eidem, US 4665056 (1986, 1987 both to Tanabe Seiyaku): M. Suzuki et al., J. Med. Chem. 33, 2130 (1990). Radioimmunoassay determn in plasma and urine: S. Morikawa et al., J. Pharm. Biomed. Anal. 16, 1267 (1998). CNS pharmacology: M. Yamamura et al., Jpn. J. Pharmacol. 53, 451 (1990). Effect on motor neuron survival: Y. Iwasaki et al., Neurol. Res. 19, 613 (1997). Review of pharmacology, toxicology, and clinical trials: K. Kinoshita et al., CNS Drug Rev. 4, 25-41 (1998).
Properties: Crystals from water as the hemiheptahydrate, mp 72-75°. [a]25D -13.6° (c = 1 in water).
Melting point: mp 72-75°
Optical Rotation: [a]25D -13.6° (c = 1 in water)
Derivative Type: Tetrahydrate
CAS Registry Number: 201677-75-0
Manufacturers' Codes: TA-0910
Trademarks: Ceredist (Tanabe Seiyaku)
Molecular Formula: C17H21N7O5.4H2O
Molecular Weight: 475.45
Percent Composition: C 42.94%, H 6.15%, N 20.62%, O 30.29%
Properties: White, odorless crystals, bp 72-75°. Sol in water, acetic acid, ethanol. Slightly sol in methanol, acetonitrile. [a]23D -13.6°. LD50 in mice, rats (mg/kg): >5000, >5000 orally; in mice, male, female rats (mg/kg): >2000, 799, 946 i.v. (Kinoshita).
Boiling point: bp 72-75°
Optical Rotation: [a]23D -13.6°
Toxicity data: LD50 in mice, rats (mg/kg): >5000, >5000 orally; in mice, male, female rats (mg/kg): >2000, 799, 946 i.v. (Kinoshita)
Therap-Cat: In treatment of spinocerebellar degeneration.

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