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Title: Tacryl®
Literature References: Acrylic fiber of a specific multichain type. The structure could be described as a spider molecule with up to six long straight linear legs which can orient independently and build up a fibrous structure. The molecular structure is built up by a controlled cross-linking process, so that Tacryl is like wool as it has a specific chain molecular interlinking which contributes to its mechanical and elastic properties. Synthesis of multichain polymers: Schaefgen, Flory, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 70, 2709 (1948). Tacryl has a higher shear modulus and a higher strength than linear acrylics with the same degrees of orientation. It undergoes very slow hydrolysis under hot acid aq conditions, and is very resistant to dry and wet heat (neutral conditions): Sundén, Tappi 41, 173A (1958).

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