Spirit of Ammonia, Aromatic
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Title: Spirit of Ammonia, Aromatic
CAS Registry Number: 8013-59-0
Additional Names: Spirit of hartshorn, aromatic
Literature References: A soln contg 34 g ammonium carbonate, 90 ml 10% ammonia water, 10 ml lemon oil, 1 ml oil of lavender, 1 ml oil of myristica, 700 ml alcohol and a sufficient quantity of water to make 1 liter. Absolute alc by vol, ~66%.
Properties: Almost colorless to slightly yellow liquid with an aromatic, pungent odor and the taste of ammonia. d 0.90. Forms an opalescent mixture with water; miscible with alcohol.
Density: d 0.90
Therap-Cat: Reflex respiratory stimulant.
Therap-Cat-Vet: By inhalation: respiratory and circulatory stimulant. Internally: expectorant, diaphoretic, antacid, carminative. Externally: counterirritant, and in diluted form to relieve the irritation of insect stings and bites.

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