Sodium Peroxide
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Title: Sodium Peroxide
CAS Registry Number: 1313-60-6
Additional Names: Sodium dioxide; sodium superoxide
Trademarks: Solozone
Molecular Formula: Na2O2
Molecular Weight: 77.98
Percent Composition: Na 58.96%, O 41.03%
Literature References: The product of commerce contains 90-95% Na2O2. Prepd by heating sodium metal to 300° in aluminum vessels with a current of air from which carbon dioxide has been removed. Prepn of the octahydrate: Penneman, Inorg. Synth. 3, 1 (1950).
Properties: Yellowish-white, granular powder. Absorbs water and CO2 from the air. Freely sol in water, forming sodium hydroxide and hydrogen peroxide, the latter quickly dec into oxygen and water. With dil acids H2O2 is formed which remains stable. In contact with organic matter or readily oxidizable substances ignition and explosion may take place. Keep tightly closed and protected from contact with organic or oxidizable substances.
CAUTION: Irritant and corrosive. See Sodium Hydroxide.
Use: Bleaching animal and vegetable fibers, feathers, bones, ivory, wood, wax, sponges, coral; rendering air charged with CO2 respirable as in torpedo boats, submarines, diving bells, etc.; purifying air in sick rooms; dyeing and printing textiles; chemical analysis. General oxidizing agent.

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