Sodium Cobaltinitrite
Structural Formula Vector Image
Title: Sodium Cobaltinitrite
CAS Registry Number: 13600-98-1
CAS Name: Trisodium hexakis(nitrato-N)cobaltate(3-)
Additional Names: sodium hexanitrocobaltate(III)
Molecular Formula: CoN6Na3O12
Molecular Weight: 403.94
Percent Composition: Co 14.59%, N 20.81%, Na 17.07%, O 47.53%
Line Formula: Na3Co(NO2)6
Properties: Yellow to brownish-yellow, cryst powder. Very sol in water, slightly in alc. Dec by mineral acids, but unaffected by dil acetic or similar organic acids. The aq soln dec gradually but if a few drops of acetic acid are added it may be kept for about 3 months.
Use: For the detection of potassium with which it forms a slightly sol compd.

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