Silver Chlorate
Structural Formula Vector Image
Title: Silver Chlorate
CAS Registry Number: 7783-92-8
Additional Names: Argentous chlorate
Molecular Formula: AgClO3
Molecular Weight: 191.32
Percent Composition: Ag 56.38%, Cl 18.53%, O 25.09%
Literature References: Prepd from AgNO3 and NaClO3: Nicholson, Holley, Jr., Inorg. Synth. 2, 4 (1946).
Properties: White, tetragonal crystals. d420 4.430. mp 230°, dec 270° forming silver chloride and oxygen. Solubility in water (g/100 ml): 10 (15°); 20 (27°); 50 (80°). Slightly sol in alc. Darkens upon exposure to light due to slow decompn. Keep away from light, organic vapors and oxidizable substances.
Melting point: mp 230°
Density: d420 4.430
Use: In organic synthesis as an effective oxidizing agent for certain organic compds.

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