Silicon Tetrachloride
Structural Formula Vector Image
Title: Silicon Tetrachloride
CAS Registry Number: 10026-04-7
Additional Names: Silicon chloride
Molecular Formula: Cl4Si
Molecular Weight: 169.90
Percent Composition: Cl 83.47%, Si 16.53%
Line Formula: SiCl4
Literature References: Prepd from the elements: Schenk in Handbook of Preparative Inorganic Chemistry vol. 1, G. Brauer, Ed. (Academic Press, New York, 2nd ed., 1963) pp 682-683.
Properties: Colorless, clear, mobile, fuming liq; suffocating odor. d40 1.52. mp -70°; bp 59°. Dec by water with much heat into silicic acid and HCl. Miscible with benzene, ether, chloroform, petr ether.
Melting point: mp -70°
Boiling point: bp 59°
Density: d40 1.52
CAUTION: May be irritating to eyes, respiratory tract.
Use: Producing smoke screens in warfare. In the prepn of pure silicon.

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