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Title: Reteplase
CAS Registry Number: 133652-38-7
CAS Name: 173-L-serine-174-L-tyrosine-175-L-glutamine-173-527-plasminogen activator (human tissue-type)
Additional Names: r-PA
Manufacturers' Codes: BM-06022
Trademarks: Rapilysin (Roche); Retavase (Centocor)
Literature References: Genetically engineered deletion variant of human tissue plasminogen activator (t-PA), q.v. Single-chain, nonglycosylated form containing only the protease and kringle-2 domains of native, human t-PA. Expression in E. coli cells and chromatographic purifn: A. Stern et al., EP 382174; eidem, US 5223256 (1990, 1993 both to Boehringer, Mann.). Clinical pharmacokinetics: U. Martin et al., Thromb. Haemostasis 66, 569 (1991). Review of pharmacology, toxicology and clinical evaluation: idem et al., Cardiovasc. Drug Rev. 11, 299-311 (1993). Clinical comparison with alteplase in acute myocardial infarction: C. Bode et al., Circulation 94, 891 (1996); E. J. Topol et al., N. Engl. J. Med. 337, 1118 (1997); in pulmonary embolism: U. Tebbe et al., Am. Heart J. 138, 39 (1999).
Therap-Cat: Thrombolytic.
Keywords: Thrombolytic.

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